Jewelry Repair

No jewelry's wear and tear is inevitable. Over a course of its wear, any jewelry can get damaged or broken which is why it is important to get it inspected and repaired at regular intervals. Have a jewelry that needs some tender care. Bring it to us! Gayles Jewelers has been providing the best jewelry repair services to its customers in and around Bogalusa, LA since 1951.

Our expert repair staff is able to repair any kind of jewelry in order to restore its original glory so that you can enjoy wearing your precious jewelry again. We can work with any metal: platinum, gold, silver, or a combination. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, we do it the best. Our jewelry repair services include:

  • Complimentary cleaning
  • Ring sizing
  • Pearl/bead stringing
  • Laser welding
  • Full spectrum metal working
  • Expert evaluation and repair
  • Polishing of worn & damaged valuable gems
  • Expert diamond setting
  • Antique refurbishing
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